Passionate arborist services and custom milling from salvaged trees

A tree is a magnificent work of nature. It deserves our awe and respect and needs care and nurturing to remain healthy. However when all else fails, it deserves to be treated with respect, and not wasted..., Did you know that the majority of trees removed on residential or city property are taken to the dump and destroyed? Trees are a precious natural resource in every stage of their life, and they should never be wasted.

With our custom milling service we can put your fallen tree to good use. By round or slab our Alaskan chainsaw mills can mill any tree up to five feet in diameter to any desired thickness. Salvaged wood is available to carpenters, artists and furniture makers. Eco Tree Co also has a large stock of live edge slabs available for sale from trees that we have salvaged through out the city. Work with our craftsmen to transform a piece into a beautiful table, chair, or deck. Limited only by your imagination.

Did you know that when your beloved trees are hauled away they are taken to the dump?